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TMR Solutions has been established with vision to providing a complete business solutions and with a goal to be one stop solution for all business needs. We are providing complete guidance about all requirements of business aqnd problems that may occur and their solutions.

We understands the true meaning of the word "service", the act of doing things for other people. The meaning of service is really working hard with full heart and body for optimum satisfaction of the clients. There are not many people who work hard for others without any benefit (only under the disadvantages). It is not really service if one just considers self-advantages.The service would not be too difficult and hard if you were filled with a sincere heart. So we at makes a sincere effort to provide quality services at reasonable prices.

TMR Solutions provides solutions to every business market on Trademark, Patent and ISO, provide complete guidance about the Trademark, Patent, ISO and all businees problem.

TMR Solutions has in it's work force, highly experienced in legal activities and professional personnel, having the highest level of commitment their customers trade and companies. They have the expertise to handle the most trademark, copyright, patent, design, society & NGO ISO, and Pvt Ltd. across the world.

Our Mission
TMR Solutions value its clients and Employee's alike and is a Company whose relations has been built on Trust and Integrity. Our Mission is to become the one stop solution for customers where we work in partnership, offering commitment and reliability, enabling us to be their number one choice.